Mapping the Cultural Landscape of the Changpas of Korzok Tegazung

Date July 2018 – ongoing
Location Korzok, Ladakh
Category Research & Documentation

Our first long-term project was a study of the spatial overlaps between the indigenous Changpa nomads and the Korzok-Tegazung landscape within the Changthang Cold Desert Wildlife Sanctuary. Engaging with the community, the mapping of traditional seasonal migration routes, cultural places including sacred landscapes and built heritage, wildlife habitats as observed by the pastoralists has been undertaken. Cultural and natural values are identified through this process with an emphasis on social/spiritual values ascribed to these places by the community. An initial inventory of around 200 places of significance in the Korzok-Tegazung landscape were carried out in phase 1. Phase 1 received partial support from Prakriti Fellowship by CARPE and Grind Master (Aurangabad).

The inventory is foreseen as a dynamic database and additional layers of information will be added to this over the coming seasons. It will also be extended to neighbouring landscapes of Kharnak and Samad.