Korzok Blue – Spring Water Refill

Date 2019
Place: Korzok

Single use plastic water bottles used by tourists who flock to Korzok in the summer months are one of the largest contributors to plastic pollution. To address this, Jungwa Foundation has partnered with local women groups to provide an alternative to packaged mineral water while supporting local livelihoods.

A survey of springs in and around the main settlement of Korzok was conducted to identify potential sources including those emerging in the pastures and those emerging directly from the mountain rock surface. The water was  tested for potability using the Jal Tara water testing kit testing for physical properties including pH, temperature, turbidity, hardness and hardness; presence of chemicals including chloride, fluoride, iron, nitrate, residual chlorine, dissolved oxygen, phosphorous and ammonia; and biological testing for coliform bacteria. The water tested well within the potable limits and was found to be excellent. Two water filters have been loaned to the women through which water is dispensed. The filters remove any residual sedimentation and impurities.

Basic training was imparted by the team to the women’s group in operating the water refill unit. All proceeds from the sale of the water are distributed among the women.