Weaving Among the Changpas of Korzok Tegazung

Weaving is one of the major traditional craft skills of the Changpas practiced by both men and women. Changpa women working the traditional back strap looms outside their rebo are a common sight in summer when much of the weaving is done. Traditionally, textiles were woven for a range of purposes including the yak tent (rebo), saddle bags, tent wall covers, blankets and rugs.

Jungwa Foundation’s weaving programme promotes the use of locally produced sheep wool in the creation of traditional textiles woven by Changpa women.

Inspired by the functionality of the versatile saddle bags and using the skills of the Changpa women in weaving the tent wall covers and blankets, a range of products are being developed for a contemporary global market. Wool is sourced from small herders in Korzok and is scoured, carded and spun into yarn by the team of nomadic women. Combined with coloured yarn, the yarn is woven into colourful textiles which are finished with vegan leather into a range of bags. New products such as table runners, small pouches and cases are currently being developed.

Products can be purchased online from our store or from our office in Leh.