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Have you ever wondered where the moon disappears during an eclipse? Or why the muru (ruddy shelduck) and tung tung karmo (black necked cranes) are often seen together? And how the lakes of Changthang came into being?  Join young Stanzin and Angmo in their rebo as their grandparents bring these age old Changpa stories of the natural world to life, as they migrate across the spectacular Changthang landscape. Journey across the night sky with the epic warrior-king, Gyalam Kesar, or join him on land as he combats the wicked demon of the north. Spend a while with yul tsa Gatpo as he creates the lakes of Changthang.

This publication is the first in a series exploring nature-culture linkages in the nomadic landscape of the Changpas of Korzok Tegazung.

Page Length – 64 pages

Ages 12+