Our Mission

The Nature-Culture approach builds on the growing evidence that natural and cultural heritage are closely interconnected, and conservation of ecosystems and cultures depends on the integration of traditional wisdom of indigenous communities, their spiritual relation with land, along with contemporary sciences. This common grounding of both traditional and modern knowledge is also key to tackling ongoing socio-ecological changes, threats from climate variability and impacts of contextually inappropriate development.

The organisation aims to break the silos in nature and culture conservation, showcase overlaps, and build on multi-disciplinary and multi-stakeholder perspectives that are a true representation of the landscape and indigenous ways of life.

Established in 2018, under Section 8 of the Companies Act (2013), the Foundation has the following mandate

  • To develop, promote and implement a conservation framework rooted in people, their cultures and the natural world they inhabit, to foster resilient communities and ecosystems.
  • To conserve and promote cultural heritage in all its dimensions including both tangible and intangible expressions ensuring a continuity of practice by local communities.
  • To develop and nurture practices for conservation and sustainable use of natural resources based on traditional management and ecological knowledge systems.
  • To support communities combat climate change through integration of traditional knowledge systems with contemporary scientific practices.
  • To promote and support backward/forward linkages including design development, training and capacity building and new markets explorations that strengthen local traditional economies, crafts and livelihood practices
  • To promote the overall well being of communities by improving access to health and education services, clean water and sanitation



Kunzang Dolma, Programme Officer, liaises with community bodies, custodians and youth groups on our various projects.


Tsering Gurmet, Project Cordinator, cordinates the various projects in Changthang and also spearheads the weaving unit


Tsering Angmo is a weaver from Korzok, Changthang and is a member of the weaving team.


Jigmet Lamo is a weaver from Korzok, Changthang and is a member of the weaving team



Tara Sharma is a cultural heritage specialist with over 20 years of  experience working on heritage conservation programs with communities across Ladakh. She is the founder and Director of the Foundation.



Maya Kapoor has a Masters degree in Psychology and has been guiding the Foundation’s education program.